Development of EU funded projects


“ProActive Team” Ltd. has extensive experience and provides high-quality professional consulting services on development of projects funded by European Union programmes or other funding mechanisms, including:


  • Assistance in elaborating the idea for a project;
  • Consultations on choosing the right EU programme or scheme to apply for;
  • Explaining the application process and the specific requirements ofthe relevant European Union programme or other funding mechanism;
  • Identifying stakeholders;
  • Assistance in preparing the project documentation necessary to apply, including the identification of needs, filling in the application forms, drafting the budget and financial analysis, and advising in the preparation of project proposals;
  • Assisting in finding a partner;
  • Putting together the documentation necessary to apply for project funding;
  • Assisting in the provision of additional information or documentation during the project proposal assessment;
  • Consultations on signing the contract for project funding.